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Since approx. 20 years I am in charge of 'Product Assurance'-related professions (policy, overview). I am interested to share my capability on the field of  RAM(Dependability) & Safety Management forecast of RAM-related Commercial Risk, RAM Analysis & Safety AssessmentReliability-tests, LCC Analyses and Performance Monitoring with bodies, companies and other interested people.                    
     Product Assurance (RAM & Safety & Quality)
                                                    RAM Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (Dependability) 
                                                    LCC   Life Cycle Costing

Once a colleague of mine told me: 

                        „To bring over the results of RAM & Safety it is like selling 1m rubber-band”

                                    It is partly true because of a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ one will hear 
                                   ‘probably YES’ or ‘probably NO’ or ‘YES but…’ or ‘NO but…’.
                    These answers are not wrong but often unusable in process of decision-making. 

                                             Therefore for me, it was always a challenge to make
                                                           ‘probably YES’ and ‘probably NO’ 
                                                   understandable and practically usable for
product developing, forecast of commercial risk and project-management-                                                              in different technical areas like: 

                                                                                                                  space technology
                                                                                                railway business /
                                                                    environmental technology/ 
                                                   conventional power plants / 
                               nuclear power plants / 
             technical education /
                                                         and based on applicable standards

                   Than the ‘1m rubber-band’ becomes a flexible and strong tool to fix problems,
                                                 which can not be fixed with a simple rope.